Highlights of Parkwood Collection Hougang

‘Home sweet home’ How many times have we repeated this expression?

Parkwood Collection Hougang knows that your house is your refuge, your vital space, your den. If you are thinking of building your new home, you should consider these aspects to make your new home the place that saves your dreams (and not that you take them away)Building the perfect home requires all our energies, knowledge, expert help.


Before designing the project of our future home, we must take into account the orientation we have on our plot. With this, we can design and decide every detail that will define how our house will be, our home. It is important to dedicate some time to this phase: from here the foundations of our future are built. Isn’t it worth your time?


When we acquire our plot we must take into account the location in which it is located: if it is isolated, in urbanization, with basic services nearby (school, health center, commercial area, etc.). It is also important to know if the plot has all the necessary requirements for construction: water, electricity, telephone, sanitation, gas. And if the plot has urbanization charges (economic or work commitments with municipal regulations) The architect who designs the house will be up to date with everything you need, although in the town hall you can also make all the necessary consultations.


We ourselves are the ones who must decide the style we want to give to our home. We can be advised by experts (architects, decorators, interior designers) but we have the last word: we are the ones who are going to spend the ‘rest of our lives’ there. So much better if we decide, don’t you think? We must also take into account when decorating our house, such as housing: its breadth and distribution can also partly determine the style we want to give it.

The design style must fit the tastes and lifestyles of people who are going to live in space. It doesn’t have to stick to a certain style, but it does have an overview of the type of house we want to build. Once we have chosen the styles we like, we have to take into account the architecture of the house and see if it makes it easier to carry it out.


It is very important that the distribution be practical and functional. The shape and size of the different environments that make up the home must be consistent:

  • Bedrooms: With enough space to place the furniture that we want to include and taking into account some future change (family increase, need for a study area, etc.)
  • Bathrooms: Does the couple share a bathroom? If we have children, boys, and girls? And, do we have room for all, pavement, experts? The buyer manages all the bureaucratic paperwork. They are going to demand us. Why?
  • Kitchen: Very important distribution, the ‘work’ bench, storage, etc.
  • Room Vs Livingroom: it depends on the type of life we ​​have, the meetings we have with friends or family, etc.


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